Education Consulting & Coaching: School, Organization, Individual


Educational Consulting

Hourly or daily consulting on all aspects of an educational program, school start-up or school/program growth plans. Assist leaders in developing a holistic approach to their educational programming and goals, as well as understanding and planning for their financial, operational and strategic needs.

Program Development

Work intensively one-on-one or in small groups to identify problems, brainstorm potential solutions, evaluate solutions, assist in implementation, develop feedback loops. Focus is on building internal capacities and a long term strategic approach to building and developing programs.


Understanding an individual’s or team’s vision and working from there to develop mission, goals, strategies and values that flow from that vision are key to the success of a program. Engaging in open and honest discussion and evaluation of individual and team strengths, challenges and available resources result in the creation of a pragmatic plan for achieving individual and organizational goals.

About Alan

Education, School, & Individual Consulting & Coaching

People and communities often need help to establish true alternatives to the predominately standardized, narrow, adult-centric educational system in place in most schools and programs today. After working in public education for seven years, first as a high school teacher, then assistant principal for a large NYC high school, Alan led the effort to start Brooklyn Free School, a groundbreaking pre-K - 12th grade independent non-profit school, and served as its first director for ten years. For the last three years Alan has been working with individuals and groups on all aspects of the start-up and early development process for their independent schools and programs. With a strong business and educational background, Alan works with current and future educational leaders on project planning, program design and implementation, and financial and operational management.



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